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Personal Banker- Relationship Manager Part-2

Personal Banker- Relationship Manager has following sections 1)Soft Skills, 2) Soft Skills Advance, 3)Selling Skills, 4) Sales Process- 6 steps, 5) Customer Service-Advance, 6) Banking Products,7) Account Opening and Know your Customer, 8) Common Banking queries and Law, 9) Cutomer profiling, 10) Managing Investments, 11) Role of an RM, 12)How to do Relationship Management? 13) Portfolio Management, 14) Planning for Success, 15) Data Management, 16) Resume building and Interview preperation, 17) Impactful English

1. Soft Skills

It has 5 chapters:

1) Time Management

2) Basics of Communication Skills Part-1

3) Basics of Communication Skills Part-2

4) Basics of Professionalism part-1

5) Basics of professionalism part-2.

2. Soft Skills Advance

It has 2 chapters:

1) Approach to Problem Solving

2) Negotiation Skills

These courses teach you about the skills which are required in any office or professional enviornment.

3. Selling Skills

Selling Skills- 7 chapters

1) Prepare yourself

2) Product Knowledge

3) Prospecting part-1

4) Prospecting part-2

5) Pitching

6) Closing the sales

7) After Sales service

4. Sales Process- 6 steps

These courses give you practical knowledge and step by step guidance about Sales and Selling, while making you ready to face the customer. All the course videos are in Hindi and English.

5. Customer Service- Advance

It has 3 chapters

1) Meaning of Customer Service

2) Giving great Customer Service

3) Skills required for Customer Service

These courses prepare and guide you in details about the process of Customer Serivce and help you become an expert by learning and practice. All the course videos are in Hindi and English.

6. Customer Profiling, KYC, Quality of a great Sales person etc.

These are the other modules to help you understand the Sales process in a complete manner. Don't miss out on them!

7. Data Management

Data Management- 6 chapters

1) Introdcution

2) Formatting

3) Mathematical Formulae

4) Find, Select and Remove

5) Pivot Table

6) Hour, Date and Month

These courses give you practical knowledge on how to work in Excel as required in the entry level jobs. It will help you in managing data bases, making reports, filing etc.

8. Build your Resume/ Prepare for an Interview/ Impactful English

These courses has videos and sample exercises which will help you crack the process.

These courses provide practical knowledge, tips and steps on how to make an impact and get the job you want

The Mandatory Requirements

1) It is mandatory to attempt and finish the Assessment attached to evey chapter

2) The certification happens only after you have done both the parts of the program successfully

    i) Learning

    ii) On the Job training via field projects

Basic requirements to start this course are;

1) You should be 18 years+

2) Should understand and read English

3) Fluent english speaking is not required

4) You should be a graduate with 50% marks

Personal Banker- Relationship Manager

For Certification

Certification will only happen after all the three tasks given below are completed

1) Passing the Assessment on Skill program taken

2) Completing and submitting asll the Tasks (field projects) in the required format

3) 90% attendance is mandatory in the Workshops

4) It is a four month certificate program

7) Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully. It’s avaialble on the App and the website (

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