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Sales Executive

Sales Executive begins with Introduction to the course and has 12 sections 1)Soft Skills 2)Selling Skills 3)Sales Process- 6 steps 4) Domain Knowledge 5) Customer Service- Initial Level 6) Know your Customer(KYC) 7) Quality of Great Sales Person 8) Customer Profiling 9) Process of creating a LEAD 10) Resume building 11) Interview preperation 12) Impactful English

1. Soft Skills

5 chapters:

1) Time Management

2) Basics of Communication Skills Part-1

3) Basics of Communication Skills Part-2

4) Basics of Professionalism part-1

5) Basics of professionalism part-2.

These courses teach you about the skills which are required in any office or professional enviornment. All the course videos are in Hindi and English.

2. Selling Skills

Selling Skills- 7 chapters

1) Prepare yourself

2) Product Knowledge

3) Prospecting part-1

4) Prospecting part-2

5) Pitching

6) Closing the sales

7) After Sales service

These courses give you practical knowledge about selling and make you ready to face the customer. All the course videos are in Hindi and English.

4. Sales process- 6 steps

Sales Process- 6 chapters

Understanding the Sales Process step by step in 6 EASY STEPS!

These courses give you practical knowledge on how to go about doing Sales. These 6 steps will help you in managing and executing the complete Sales Process

5. Customer Service

Customer Service- 2 chapters

1) Meaning of Customer Service has 3 parts and explains in detail how you need to go about handling a Customer before, during and after the Purchase of a aproduct

2) Giving great Customer Service has 2 parts and it takes a step ahead in explaing the process

With these chapters you get a complete understanding on Customer Service. There is definetly more to this topic, which has been covered in Advance Courses

h2>6. Customer Profiling, KYC, Quality of a great Sales person etc are other small chapters to help you understand the Sales process in a complete manner. Don't miss out these chapters!

7. Build your Resume/ Prepare for an Interview/ Impactful English

These courses has videos and sample exercises which will help you crack the process.

These courses provide practical knowledge, tips and steps on how to make an impact and get the job you want

The Mandatory Requirements

1) It is mandatory to attempt and finish the Assessment attached to evey chapter

2) The certification happens only after you have done both the parts of the program successfully

    i) Learning

    ii) On the Job training

Basic requirements to start this course are;

1) You should be 18 years+

2) Should understand and read English

3) Fluent english speaking is not required

4) You should be studying in an undergraduate or postgraduate program

Sales Executive

For Certification

Certification will only happen after all the three tasks given below are completed

1) Assessment on Skill courses taken

2) Sales - 3 converted leads

3) Market Information- 6 families + 4 shops data

Learn and Earn

1) Students can earn on successful completion of assignments

2) Payment will be given once the certificate program is completed and the certificate awarded

3) Students who would continue with us to do corporate field assignments post certification, they will also be eligible for payment and continue their earning

4) For every assignment, the quantum of payment may vary. It will be shown in the SkillWorld Mpowr App or communicated through an email

5) Payment will be made only on Successful completion of assignment and Receipt of payment from the corporate concerned

6) Payment will be credited to your bank account after applying the relevant tax

7) Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully on payments. It’s avaialble on the App and the website (

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